December 12, 2013

Business Studio or Outdoor Headshots and Business Portraits

With so many of today's social marketing possibilities it more important that ever to have professional looking headshots or business portraits. Ever go to the, About Us, part of a company website, or a persons profile of a social site and find dark, fuzzy, unflattering pics. I think that tells you something about the person or business that your thinking of connecting with. They don't care enough about their image to take the time and effort and money to get a professional looking portrait of themselves. Some people compare getting their portrait taken to going to the dentist, and I guess that might be true if you went to the wrong photographer or had a friend take 300 pics of you to try and get one that you like. When I shoot a business portrait it is quick and painless and I guarantee you will love the photos. Here are some examples of the kind of business portrait. head and shoulders portraits I have done recently, each one represents some of the choices we offer for a basic business portrait. For business portrait tips and pricing click here to visit our website.

Studio business portrait on a white/gray background.

Jay DeCou Business Portraits
Business head and shoulders portrait on a gray/blue background.

Waist up studio portrait on our gray/blue background.

Formal business head shots
Business headshot on our formal brown background.

Waist up advertising portrait on pure white background.
Waist up advertising portrait on pure white background.

Outdoor business portrait shot near avila beach
Outdoor business portrait shot near clients office.