May 25, 2013

How To View Your Legacy

I love doing these family reunion/lifestyle portrait shoots at the beach. Everyone has a great time and the kids get to play a little. This was one of the final shots of the day but it was the most significant at the time. We had just finished some shots on the dunes and the everyone ran down to the water. I had Dave and Donna hold back and told them to just stand there and look at their legacy. As they watched their kids and grand kids play on the beach in the sun set Big Dave started tearing up with emotion. Its not a shot I have done before but it just hit me, this is your legacy. I hope and pray that some day I can have the same experience as Dave.

Family Portraits Pictures at Morro Beach
Dave & Donna with their two sons and their families.
With all the grand kids.

couples Portraits Pictures at Morro Beach
Love this shot.

Family running at the beach
A shot the kids could not wait for, running down to the beach.

The grand kids all lined up.

Finding a shell.