July 14, 2012

Ethiopian Wedding

Here are some photos from the fun Oromo, Ethiopian wedding I shot last week for Misgana and Abby, a wonderful couple who now live in Arroyo Grande. The Oromo part of the wedding took place mostly in the morning where the men force their way into the brides house, the bride and groom are blessed and prayed for by the elders, then they share a traditional meal of bideena. They all eat with their hands and feed each other from one plate. I know there was a lot more to the ceremony than that, but it was all in Oromo so I may have missed a few things. The somewhat traditional American ceremony at the beautiful Shore Cliff Inn and was also in Ethiopian  The reception at the quirky but very cool Madonna Inn.

Madonna Inn has the best furniture, I want this love seat.
Ethiopian Wedding
The groom and groomsman forcing their way into the house.

All throughout both ceremonies there was singing, dancing and clapping.
of injera is made of a special flour, called teff, and curds with a warm spicy oil pored on top.

The bride and groom with the elders.

The bride and groom are handed bitter herbs that they hold and after each blessing give each other a drink.
The bridal party and family take turns feeding the happy couple.. The cheese curds and flat bread make a filling meal.

Ceremony was at Shore Cliff Inn in Pismo Beach. Yes it was overcast.

We stopped at the Leaning Pine Arboretum at Cal Poly for some garden photos.

Everyone danced traditional Ethiopian dances.
Sleeping beauties
Testing out the bed in one of the coolest suites at the Madonna Inn.