April 20, 2012

Aerial Hotel Photography-Sea Crest Ocean Front Hotel in Pismo Beach

The SeaCrest Ocean Front Hotel hired me to get some architectural exterior photographs of their property that show their new look and their proximity to the beach. The challenge was to get the shot I had to be 40ft up in the air in a lift from United Rentals. Good thing I don't have acrophobia like the guy that showed me how to operate the lift did, he refused to go this high.
Looking down at the lift at 40ft., it was a cool machine.
While I was waiting for the sun to go down I decided to also get some shots from the roof and got these awesome image of the pool area looking out toward the Pismo Beach Pier. The client loved them.

Some of the locals were checking me out while I was shooting from the hotel roof.
While up on the lift I turned the other direction and captured this view of a lone oak. I wouldn't mind having a house right there.