October 13, 2008

I love unsolicited testimonials. Here is one from a wedding Kacey and I shot a couple of months ago in Lompoc for a fun couple, Cliff and Wendy Culver.
Thank you so much for the awesome job you and your assistant did--we loved the pictures and even more, we loved how relaxed and smiling you both were the day of the wedding. We've heard lots of stories about photographers who were so anxious or demanding that the photography became the most difficult part of the day, but the two of you helped us to relax and have fun and that really shows up in the pictures, which is exactly what we wanted. So, thanks again and you will be getting an email with our album choices soon."
Wendy Culver

To view all of Cliff and Wendy's wedding photos go to: http://www.pictage.com/562105