August 23, 2008

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

For my son Zack's 17th birthday we invited some friends to our family home in Mammoth for some mountain biking. A full pass to the Bike Park gets you a gondola ride to the 11,000 foot peak of Mammoth Mountain. First your breath is taken away by the scenic vistas, then by the many close encounters with rocks, trees, stumps, roots, loose pumice and steep cliffs at nearly every turn as you scream down the mountain as fast as you can. After 3 days and nearly 40 miles of riding the mountain and nearby trails we all escaped major injury but made some memories that will last a life time.One day we rode to Hot Creek and came across what I believe to be a young elk, but the markings are not typical of an elk or dear. It was about the size of a full grown buck in Atascadero. If you can identify it better let me know.