August 25, 2007

In July we decided to stay home and take a five day SLO vacation. Each day we toured around our own San Luis Obispo county and did something new. We went to a Renaissance Festival-strangely dressed drunk people carrying knives, swards, and cleavage that defies gravity- not the best place to take your family. On another day my son Zack and I road bikes from the top of hi-way 46 to Morro Bay, while the girls parked just off of 46 and painted landscapes until they were rudely kicked off by some women clamming that this was her back yard, I think her house was about a mile down the unmarked dirt road. There's a reason some people live miles from the nearest person. We ended that day at Taco Temple, a place in Morro Bay I have heard about and finally got to try. I think Tia Juana's in Atascadero has better burritos. The best day of all was sea kayaking in Shell Beach. We rented kayaks at Central Coast Kayaks and launched through the surf for a two hour paddle through and around some of the most beautiful coastline around. I have seen it many times from the shore but this was way cooler. There were many caves and arches you could paddle into, we saw countless sea birds, some harbor seals, and were able to drift right up to an otter floating in the kelp breaking shellfish with a rock on his stomach just like in the nature movies. Unfortunately all I had was a cheep disposable water proof camera so the photos are not that great, and the otter was still to far away for a decent shot with the wide angle lens it had. We got plenty wet though so I was glad I didn't take my 5D.My 11 year old daughter Matisse and I in our tandem kayak.
This is Matisse and I getting hit by a wave as we came out of a cave. It was great fun!

If you want to experience some great sea kayaking I highly recommend Central Coast Kayaks. They are right off the 101, their staff was very helpful, they drop off your kayaks at the beach and its a short paddle to the Dinosaur Caves.