August 31, 2006

Zion Canyon National Park
The Zion Narrows is wildly known as the most outstanding hike in the national park system. And I fully agree! Around ever bend and curve in this slot canyon is a new view of ever changing shapes, textures and shades. To get there take the canyon shuttle to where the road ends and start hiking up the Riverside Walk trail. Take the paved path for a mile. There the path ends and the fun starts as you begin your hike up the Virgin River. This photo was taken about 1.5 miles up the river.

Tech Tip: Take your camera everywhere. Hiking 3 miles in a river with an expensive camera seems like a bad idea, but some times you just have to chance it. A large zip-lock offers adequate protection unless you really fall in, in which case a dry bag ($15 @ Kmart) would be the best protection. The hike was very technical with almost each step blindly plunging into muddy water, not knowing what was under your feet. Next time I'll take a walking stick and hope for clear water.